Online streams

We now provide a variety of online streams. The links below will allow you to access these through your computer or via smartphone apps and WiFi radios. Please note that we should be available through the search function of most WiFi radios – just search for Marsden.

We’re also available via the TuneIn Radio app, which is available from the app store on most smartphones.

Our main stream is 128kb/s in the MP3 format. This is the best stream for most users as it generally works without fuss. The direct address is

Our main stream, in similar quality, but using less data is 72kb/s in the AAC format. The quality is almost identical to 128kb/s MP3. The direct address is

For the highest quality, we provide a top quality stream at 320kb/s in the AAC format. The address is

For listening on the move, we recommend our 48kb/s stream in the HE-AAC v2 format. The address is

You may need to download a media player, particularly for the AAC streams. We recommend the VLC Media Player, available for most operating systems.