Our members and presenters

Barry Alston

Presenter / Station Manager
Joined: 1986
Shows: The Breakfast Show; Totally 80s; The Round Up; Sunday Funday
Music: 80s kid through and through, love strange remixes of old songs (like the Von Trapp remix of can “I kick it?” by A Tribe Called Quest). Also love finding new local artists and finding ways of supporting them.

Chris Simms

Joined: 1996
Music: I have a wide and varied taste in music listening to most genres of music. My current favourite listen is anything new Country and my favourite show on Radio Marsden is Marsden Country.

Colin Cranston

Joined: 1995
Shows: Classical Corner
Music: It’s fun, it’s upbeat and it’s classical!

Darren Arnold

Presenter / Engineer
Joined: 2018
Shows: Non-Stop 90s; Thursday Request Show
Music: I’ll listen to anything once except heavy metal, drum n bass and hardcore… Other than that – apart from the obvious 90s bias – anything goes!

Helen Keyes-Evans

Joined: 1997
Shows: Classical Corner
Music: Lover of all classical music… and most other music too!

Ian Fry

Request Collector
Joined: 2013
Shows: Friday Request Show
Music: Anything from the 60s.

James Warran

Joined: 2009
Shows: The Jazz Hour
Music: I like jazz and country music but I have very broad tastes (or maybe lack of taste!), depending on mood!

Janie Stamford

Presenter / Head of Outreach
Joined: 2019
Shows: Eclectic Cinema; The Album Show
Music: Artists beginning with B, apparently… Beach Boys, Beatles, Beastie Boys, Beck, Belle & Sebastian, Bjork, Blondie, Bob Dylan, Brendan Benson…

Justin Stanton

Joined: 2020
Shows: The Rock Show
Music: Practically anything guitar-led: blues, rock, metal, folk. Hardcore fan of David Gilmour, Richard Thompson, Steve Rothery and Adrian Smith. Fond of the dramatic. Desperately missing live gigs!

Kevin Parrott

Presenter / Record Librarian
Joined: 1998
Shows: Backspin; Monday Request Show; Radio Marsden’s Greatest Hits
Music: My tastes are many and varied with a particular liking for the Beatles, the Kinks, the Eagles, Steely Dan and Tamla Motown.

Kirsten Karron

Joined: 2019
Shows: Showtime
Music: Coming from a showbiz background has given me a deep passion for all things stage, screen and musical, as well as spotting a great melody, from pop to opera. Also love bringing the backstage fun of all the ‘glitz & glamour’ of Showtime to our keen listeners.

Martin Scivier

Presenter / Trustee (Hon. Secretary)
Joined: 1973 to 1993; 2015
Shows: Totally 60s; Love Songs; Tuesday Request Show
Music: Beatles, Queen, Eric Clapton, Neil Diamond, Roy Orbison, Imelda May, Tom Jones and any Motown…

Neal Mullery

Presenter / Head of Programming
Joined: 1990
Shows: Totally 70s; Party Classics; The Cheesy Hour
Music: Anything cheesy and from the 70s and 80s.

Nigel Lincoln

Joined: 2018
Shows: Thursday Request Show
Music: Love the sounds of the 80s and 60s as well as artists like Billy Joel, Queen, Neil Diamond and more. Pretty much anything with a good tune!

Simon Hartshorn

Presenter / Chair
Joined: 2001
Shows: Life’s Unanswered Questions; Monday Request Show
Music: The first single I bought was She’s So Modern by The Bootown and the last single I bought was Brooklyn Bridge to Chorus by The Strokes. Can’t select favourites, it’s like choosing between your children!

Terry Marsh

Presenter / Vice Chair / Head of Recruitment & Training
Joined: 2016
Shows: Saturday Brunch
Music: Funk, Reggae, Latin, pretty well anything off the beat.