Our members

Barry Alston

Presenter / Station Manager
Joined: 1986
Shows: The Breakfast Show; Totally 80s; The Round Up; Sunday Funday
Music: 80s kid through and through, love strange remixes of old songs (like the Von Trapp remix of can “I kick it?” by A Tribe Called Quest). Also love finding new local artists and finding ways of supporting them.

Colin Cranston

Joined: 1995
Shows: Classical Corner
Music: It’s fun, it’s upbeat and it’s classical!

Darren Arnold

Presenter / Engineer
Joined: 2018
Shows: Non-Stop 90s; Thursday Request Show
Music: I’ll listen to anything once except heavy metal, drum n bass and hardcore… Other than that – apart from the obvious 90s bias – anything goes!

Helen Keyes-Evans

Joined: 1997
Shows: Classical Corner
Music: Lover of all classical music… and most other music too!

Ian Fry

Request Collector
Joined: 2013
Shows: Friday Request Show
Music: Anything from the 60s.

James Warran

Joined: 2009
Shows: The Jazz Hour
Music: I like jazz and country music but I have very broad tastes (or maybe lack of taste!), depending on mood!

Janie Stamford

Presenter / Head of Outreach
Joined: 2019
Shows: Eclectic Cinema; The Album Show
Music: Artists beginning with B, apparently… Beach Boys, Beatles, Beastie Boys, Beck, Belle & Sebastian, Bjork, Blondie, Bob Dylan, Brendan Benson…

Justin Stanton

Joined: 2020
Shows: The Rock Show
Music: Practically anything guitar-led: blues, rock, metal, folk. Hardcore fan of David Gilmour, Richard Thompson, Steve Rothery and Adrian Smith. Fond of the dramatic. Desperately missing live gigs!

Kevin Parrott

Presenter / Record Librarian
Joined: 1998
Shows: Backspin; Monday Request Show; Radio Marsden’s Greatest Hits
Music: My tastes are many and varied with a particular liking for the Beatles, the Kinks, the Eagles, Steely Dan and Tamla Motown.

Kirsten Karron

Joined: 2019
Shows: Showtime
Music: Coming from a showbiz background has given me a deep passion for all things stage, screen and musical, as well as spotting a great melody, from pop to opera. Also love bringing the backstage fun of all the ‘glitz & glamour’ of Showtime to our keen listeners.

Martin Scivier

Presenter / Trustee (Hon. Secretary)
Joined: 1973 to 1993; 2015
Shows: Totally 60s; Love Songs; Tuesday Request Show
Music: Beatles, Queen, Eric Clapton, Neil Diamond, Roy Orbison, Imelda May, Tom Jones and any Motown…

Neal Mullery

Presenter / Head of Programming
Joined: 1990
Shows: Totally 70s; Party Classics; The Cheesy Hour
Music: Anything cheesy and from the 70s and 80s.

Nigel Lincoln

Joined: 2018
Shows: Thursday Request Show
Music: Love the sounds of the 80s and 60s as well as artists like Billy Joel, Queen, Neil Diamond and more. Pretty much anything with a good tune!

Simon Hartshorn

Presenter / Chair
Joined: 2001
Shows: Life’s Unanswered Questions; Monday Request Show
Music: The first single I bought was She’s So Modern by The Bootown and the last single I bought was Brooklyn Bridge to Chorus by The Strokes. Can’t select favourites, it’s like choosing between your children!

Terry Marsh

Presenter / Vice Chair / Head of Recruitment & Training
Joined: 2016
Shows: Saturday Brunch
Music: Funk, Reggae, Latin, pretty well anything off the beat.

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